Secure SSL Encryption

Secure Sockets

Protocol for web browsers and servers that allows authentication, encryption and decryption of data sent to traces of the Internet.

SSL and HTTPS are the security standards that are now used to ensure the transfer and management of internal corporate information, customer data and any sensitive information.

What is SSL?

The acronym SSL (Secure Socket Layers) is the name for the technology used to encrypt and verify data traffic on the Internet. Applied on websites, it secures the communication between the browser and the web server. In particular, in the context of eCommerce and online banking, where numerous sensitive and confidential data are exchanged, it is essential to implement an SSL certificate.

The SSL certificate ensures that communication cannot be read or manipulated, and that personal information does not fall into the wrong hands.

What is HTTPS?

With the acronym HTTPS (Hypertext Transport Protocol Secure), it names the protocol for safe data transfer. HTTPS sends the data already encrypted and verifies the applications. This is done through an SSL certificate.